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e5e8f20... by Timm B├Ąder <email address hidden> on 2017-06-14

Rough gtk4 port

e601be0... by Robert Ancell on 2017-07-20

snap: Replace libsoup icon loading code with AsIcon

f579c3b... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-18

trivial: Increase the timeout for the flatpak self tests

127ec8b... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-18

flatpak: Ensure all related components are marked as removing or installing

If we delay marking the 'parent' GsApp (the one that we passed to
gs_plugin_app_install) until it actually gets installed then the button doesn't
change from 'Installed' to 'Installing' whilst the runtime and locale are being

Also fix the state of the parent GsApp if any one of the sub-components

4caafed... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-18

flatpak: Do not show an error for a flatpakref when broken remotes exist

The configured remote URI might be invalid, or it might only be reachable from
behind a VPN.

83fdc29... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-18

flatpak: Write the flatpak self test file in just one place

0a6f4b4... by Joaquim Rocha <email address hidden> on 2017-07-18

build: Add --disable-fwupd and --disable-packagekit arguments to configure

This can be useful for systems without those libs.

3e56b8b... by Fabio Tomat <email address hidden> on 2017-07-18

Update Friulian translation

4b7087c... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-17

flatpak: Always install the correct runtime architecture

We need to filter by architecture if more than one version is available

16d2e24... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-17

Install the runtime as part of the application install phase