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9c10cd2... by Allan Day on 2019-08-02

tweaks some of the featured app banners

42c9a86... by Daniel Mustieles on 2019-08-02

Updated Spanish translation

49ca7d5... by jimmac on 2019-08-01

assets: add missing pocasts asset

54b8564... by Allan Day on 2019-07-19

View switcher: rename 'All' to 'Explore'

'All' is a bit ambiguous. 'Explore' gives a better hint at what
the view is for, and what users should do with it.

Closes #745

f083f95... by Umang Jain <email address hidden> on 2019-07-31

details-page: Refresh the details page if GsApp's quirks are changed

Quirks like GS_APP_QUIRK_HAS_SHORTCUT drive the display of Add/Remove
shortcut buttons on the app's details page. Hence, if GsApp's quirks
are changed, trigger the logic to refresh the page.

aa9bd00... by Umang Jain <email address hidden> on 2019-07-31

details-page: Apply 'suggested-action' style class to 'Add shortcut' button

3ff0d0f... by Umang Jain <email address hidden> on 2019-07-31

details-page: Add/Remove shortcut buttons should be of GtkButton widget type

Currently, they are of GtkLinkButton type which is basically against the
design. They should be of GtkButton widget type.

This was fixed downstream in Endless longtime ago but never upstreamed.

5b8b5f5... by jimmac on 2019-07-25

Featured banner update: cleanup + additions

- removed technical and installed-by-default apps
- added new picks

See for discussion

57725dc... by Philip Withnall <email address hidden> on 2019-07-30

data: Fix `@libexecdir@` substitution in external-appstream polkit file

Commit 38529480f86be5b078f54739956a6c2e85e0bc72 broke the substitution
of the `@libexecdir@` placeholder in the polkit file. Fix that by using
`configure_file()` and then `i18n.merge_file()` in a two-step process.

Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall <email address hidden>

d02ef03... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-17

Convert the editor to use xmlb rather than appstream-glib

This also allows us to actually import and export the reference XML correctly.