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bbc9cd2... by Umang Jain <email address hidden> on 2019-07-19

flatpak: Set main app as updatable if it's extension is updatable

Currently, the code does not follow the debug message above.
Hence, this patch tries to fix that, making main app as updatable
if any of it's extension is updatable.

4aea549... by Jordi Mas on 2019-07-18

Update Catalan translation

693a814... by Richard Hughes on 2019-02-28

flatpak: Remove the 'Launch' button for non-current applications

142c41a... by Richard Hughes on 2019-04-29

flatpak: Never show the progress bar going backwards


93a187c... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-16

Use the launchable when processing 'details-activated' from the shell

If the app-id in AppStream is different to the launchable then this is never
going to match. Fixes

2d3390b... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-16

Show the overview if the user cannot go back to an existing state

2327ee9... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-18

Never add wildcards to the plugin cache

If the system AppStream plugin matches on an old-style merge component it
correctly detects it as a wildcard. This result gets added to the GsAppList,
but also gets added to the plugin cache where it causes chaos when non-wildcard
results get dedupe'd into a wildcard entry.

This fixes the searching for the application ID where pacakge results were not
being returned and is needed if we use the plugin loader from the editor.

bc2ad53... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-18

appstream: Set the correct scope using the silo metadata

We go to the trouble of setting this when creating two silos, but we were not
actually reading it until now. Also add the metadata for the self tests so they
reflect reality.

This ensures that applications created in GsAppstream have the correct scope
always set, and are never matched against incorrect versions.

4dbaa48... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-18

trivial: Fix a critical warning when clicking the category groups

afea482... by Richard Hughes on 2018-10-16

Remove the hash table in GsAppList to make it all simpler

The as_utils_unique_id_hash() functions do not work well when the unique_id is
changed at runtime, as GsApps are allowed to do. This removes some of the
'strangeness' that can sometimes be seen when refining applications.