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06c9a0e... by id:sicklylife on 2019-09-28

Update Japanese translation

6603fbe... by Robert Ancell on 2019-07-29

Fix apps that were previously uninstalled from not showing on reinstall.

When an app is uninstalled the app row on the installed apps page does an
unreveal animation. The signal to detect the completion of this animation
is connected after it is initiated. If the animation occurs immediately
(e.g. the page is not visible) then the signal is missed. When the app is
reinstalled the row is there but not visible and G-S does nothing.

To reproduce:
1. Open GNOME Software
2. Go to installed tab
3. Click on an installed app
4. Remove this app
5. Install this app
6. Click back button to return to Installed page.

Expected result:
App is shown in the Installed page.

Observed result:
App is not shown in the Installed page.

Solved by connecting the signal handler before the unreveal.

A low risk bug could remain that a user installs the app again before the
unreveal animation completes, thus the row is removed even though the
apps is installed. This seems unlikely due to apps taking time to install.

8460708... by Robert Ancell on 2019-07-17

snap: Update Snap store category mapping

The store changed the names of some sections, update the mapping to the XDG

d1746a3... by Alexandre Franke on 2019-02-21

Update French translation

b64b8f2... by Rafael Fontenelle on 2019-02-11

Update Brazilian Portuguese translation

a0be984... by Daniel Mustieles on 2019-01-26

Update Spanish translation

4d90756... by Kalev Lember <email address hidden> on 2018-12-27

flatpak: Add missing locking around broken_remotes hash table

a10bc99... by monday15 on 2018-12-22

gtk-style.css: Add outline radius for round button

Add missing outline radius for expander round button.


c4e2cc8... by Efstathios Iosifidis <email address hidden> on 2018-12-27

Update Greek translation

4507a50... by Kalev Lember <email address hidden> on 2018-12-18

trivial: Post release version bump