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467b6af... by Richard Hughes on 2018-02-16

trivial: Include the fwupd version in the useragent

See for more details.

5bef0c8... by Robert Ancell on 2017-12-13

snap: Install classic snap

3780bee... by Richard Hughes on 2017-11-03

trivial: Add another application to the blacklist

8e9fc47... by Joaquim Rocha <email address hidden> on 2017-10-10

plugin-loader: Use the apps' cancellable when doing a generic update

This way users will be able to cancel the updates from the apps' pages.

1015a98... by Joaquim Rocha <email address hidden> on 2017-10-10

Allow to cancel app ops in the details view that were started elsewhere

The cancellation of app related operations has been tied to each view
individually. E.g. if an app update is started from the updates page and
the user goes to that app's details page, even though there is a cancel
button showing, it won't do anything because it's cancellable object is
not the one with which the update operation was started.

Now that each app has a cancellable object, this patch makes use of that
to ensure that any operations related to the app are cancellable even if
they were started from a different page.

29e842a... by Joaquim Rocha <email address hidden> on 2017-10-10

Add a cancellable to GsApp objects

This cancellable should be used in operations related to the app, e.g.
installing, updating, etc. This is convenient because sometimes an
operation will be shown in different views, so we cannot use a local
cancellable, as it will be impossible to start the operation in one view
and cancel it in another.

e8c4b26... by Robert Ancell on 2017-10-27

snap: Generate correct error for cancelled operations

cb03ff9... by Robert Ancell on 2017-10-27

snap: Remove an unused variable

403099f... by Robert Ancell on 2017-10-27

snap: Cancel snapd transaction when install/remove cancelled

0f50f99... by Robert Ancell on 2017-10-26

snap: Protect store cache with a lock

The store cache is likely to be accessed by multiple threads on startup as the
popular / featured and installed snaps are requested in parallel.