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782720d... by Jonathan on 2017-12-14

meson: add missing LINGUAS file to help directory

4707e79... by Jonathan on 2017-11-17

Port to meson build system

According to this wiki[0], port Logs to meson build system.


6c70467... by Kjartan Maraas on 2017-11-11

Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.

056bd82... by gogo on 2017-11-09

Update Croatian translation

fba0e8e... by Kjartan Maraas on 2017-11-08

Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.

ac5e098... by Fabio Tomat <email address hidden> on 2017-11-05

Update Friulian translation

c6a7101... by Matej Urbančič on 2017-11-04

Updated Slovenian translation

1f8e848... by Jonathan on 2017-10-27

update boot timestamps when possible

Previously, boot timestamps in the boot selection menu is generated
when Logs is opened and won't be updated later. This causes a problem
that the timestamp of the latest log entry might be newer than what's
shown in the boot selection menu.

Fix that by updating the boot selection menu when users change the
category list or view logs from other boots.

36efaa4... by Marek Cernocky <email address hidden> on 2017-10-30

Updated Czech translation

448adec... by Mario Blättermann on 2017-10-27

Update German translation