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4e02547... by wsxy162

Update Chinese (China) translation

ed07bad... by Matej Urbančič

Updated Slovenian translation

f697d8e... by Jonathan

Update NEWS for 3.24.2 release

2e2dc2b... by Jonathan

Remove size group for the widgets in each row

GtkSizeGroup is used to make sure widgets in diffirent rows request the
same amount of space while implementing "Use a single row for each
log entry" in commit 995bacac51ee84516e9d0c4950dcc1edd45cdd64.
But adding too many widgets to GtkSizeGroup leads to poor performance,
which make scrolling the list in Logs very slow.

Fix that by removing the GtkSizeGroup. As there are not too many widgets
in the "Important" category, keep the category size group to make
category labels request the same amount of space.

f949685... by gogo

Add Croatian translation

76532dd... by Jonathan

Update NEWS for 3.24.1 release

0f5df0f... by aurisc4

Updated Lithuanian translation

177dc06... by =?utf-8?q?R=C5=ABdolfs_Mazurs?= <email address hidden>

Update Latvian translation

c75dfc9... by Seong-ho Cho <email address hidden>

Update Korean translation

b0c2764... by Tom Tryfonidis <email address hidden>

Update Greek translation