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8e30bfe... by Pedro Albuquerque

Updated Portuguese translation

e5355cd... by Cédric VALMARY (Tot en òc)

Added Occitan translation

d2a0b00... by Samir Ribić

Added Bosnian translation

1eb2045... by David King

Fix alignment of catalog label in details view

2592ed6... by David King

Update NEWS for 3.14.2 release

d10f8b5... by Akom C.

Added Thai translation

5b9c09a... by David King

Substitute bindir in

Rather than substituting the value of bindir during configure, which
might include an unexpanded shell variable, expand and substitute it as
a target in instead.

bf73186... by David King

Add name and summary elements to AppData

Pacify appstream-util validate.

30be200... by David King

Add missing break in switch

Found by Coverity (CID 71873).

140a2a7... by Baurzhan Muftakhidinov

Added Kazakh translation