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8e30bfe... by Pedro Albuquerque on 2015-11-30

Updated Portuguese translation

e5355cd... by Cédric VALMARY (Tot en òc) on 2015-05-10

Added Occitan translation

d2a0b00... by Samir Ribić on 2015-03-14

Added Bosnian translation

1eb2045... by David King on 2014-11-21

Fix alignment of catalog label in details view

2592ed6... by David King on 2014-11-10

Update NEWS for 3.14.2 release

d10f8b5... by Akom C. on 2014-11-10

Added Thai translation

5b9c09a... by David King on 2014-11-08

Substitute bindir in

Rather than substituting the value of bindir during configure, which
might include an unexpanded shell variable, expand and substitute it as
a target in instead.

bf73186... by David King on 2014-10-28

Add name and summary elements to AppData

Pacify appstream-util validate.

30be200... by David King on 2014-10-27

Add missing break in switch

Found by Coverity (CID 71873).

140a2a7... by Baurzhan Muftakhidinov on 2014-10-19

Added Kazakh translation