Last commit made on 2020-08-03
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73eb73e... by Jordan Petridis <email address hidden>

flatpak: move the devel profile in the manifest

00595d9... by Jordan Petridis <email address hidden>

ci: push to the nightly repo

323b93c... by Jordan Petridis <email address hidden>

ci: remove deprecated jobs

The functionality of these jobs exists in the normal
build job now and they are no longer needed.


39c0823... by Piotr Drąg

Update Polish translation

7f392d3... by Jordi Mas

Update Catalan translation

ace30f1... by Kukuh Syafaat

Update Indonesian translation

d449a53... by Anders Jonsson

Update Swedish translation

587381e... by Daniel Mustieles

Updated Spanish translation

e713c8d... by Rafael Fontenelle

Update Brazilian Portuguese translation

cc7d63a... by Baurzhan Muftakhidinov

Update Kazakh translation