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1e8773f... by Evgeny Bobkin on 2013-09-20

Create a GWeather.Info instance without using the forecast data

75b99fb... by Evgeny Bobkin on 2013-09-19

Mark earth_radius value as double

fc56e93... by Evgeny Bobkin on 2013-09-19

Handle the call of the async callback fuction correctly

2da77cb... by Evgeny Bobkin on 2013-09-19

Do not need to uppercase country code anymore, fixed in # 707792

5032c86... by Evgeny Bobkin on 2013-09-19

Do not warn if the requested flickr image is not present

9f9aad6... by Evgeny Bobkin on 2013-09-19

Remove unused commented out code from local image provider

bcf67ae... by Evgeny Bobkin on 2013-09-19

Fix typo, which caused implicit .begin is deprecated warning

1ec7761... by Evgeny Bobkin on 2013-09-17

Use drawing area instead of gtk_image

75720ca... by Evgeny Bobkin on 2013-09-13

Use an ImageProvider interface

Do not show a warning message, when image files are not found

Untabify providers.vala file

Add scrolled window

Add non working yet Flickr provider

Add a flickr client and integrate it into flickr provider

Do not monitor the flickr folder, pass name of changed file to signal

Clean up code

Remove unused variable

Simplify code and hide comments

58a6e25... by Evgeny Bobkin on 2013-09-12

Initial city images support