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0e2efa0... by Isaque Galdino on 2017-02-22

date-chooser: Option to don't show other months

Currently GcalDateChooser shows current month's days and the last days
from previous month and first days from the next one with they are on
the same week the current month start or end.

This is fine we are showing only one month, but if you are showing the
whole year, e.g. year-view, that is not so nice.

Therefore, this change GcalDateChooser to have an option to hide other
months' days.

e543cf3... by Isaque Galdino on 2017-02-15

date-chooser: Fix month label style

Month label was not using the same style used by multi-choice widget.

bcfe667... by Isaque Galdino on 2017-02-10

year-view: Fix showing selected day

In the new layout using GcalDateChooser widget, it was showing all
first day's month selected.

This commit fixes that, implementing a new API in GcalDateChooser widget
to enable/disable showing the selected day.

Year view was also changed to correctly set the date in the
GcalDateChooser widget when it's in the same month of the current date.

ffe9ff9... by Isaque Galdino on 2017-02-09

year-view: Fixed flowbox margin and spacing

3c03783... by Isaque Galdino on 2017-02-09

Fixed year label

45543f8... by Isaque Galdino on 2017-01-31

year-view: initial code for new navigator

Year view doesn't use the same look and feel of other Calendar

This patch is the initial work to fix that. It changed navigator to use
GcalDateChooser with GtkFlowbox widget to draw months.

It introduces many changes to GcalDateChooser to support that. Some
styles were also changed.

8b2971b... by Rafael Fontenelle on 2017-02-28

Update Brazilian Portuguese translation

4721780... by Jiri Grönroos on 2017-02-28

Update Finnish translation

5b48fd5... by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto on 2017-02-28

Bump release

816f641... by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto on 2017-02-28

project: add Isaque as a maintainer