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8d313b7... by erick2red on 2014-12-04

app: active More details button from new event popover

GcalWindow got connected to GcalManager, and pass just created component
to GcalEditDialog
GcalEditDialog gained support to handle component not committed to
manager singleton instance yet.

b850b91... by erick2red on 2014-12-04

manager: updated GcalManager::create_event

Move the API to use ECalComponent instead of uids.

2b254d9... by erick2red on 2014-12-04

utils: add helper method for component construction

a0686f7... by erick2red on 2014-12-04

window: connect signal to the right object

The ::remove_event handler was not connected to the GtkRevealer so it
was not executing itself when the notification was closed. That caused
the application never removed any events. Fixed now.

2a357f5... by erick2red on 2014-12-04

edit-dialog: use reccurrence_id of events

When generating the uuid of an event if the event is recurrent, you need
to take into account its rid.

13829bb... by erick2red on 2014-12-03

build: remove GcalNewEventWidget related files

97ad610... by erick2red on 2014-12-03

app: remove GcalNewEventWidget, use GcalWindow ui

Since there will be no behavior on GcalNewEventWidget we can use simple
ui from GcalWindow to accomplish this.

0e7daab... by erick2red on 2014-12-03

manager: update retrieve sources API

The move to newer API is to drop GtkListStore dependency on the manager.

3661a49... by erick2red on 2014-12-02

manager: update GcalManager::remove_event API

Move GcalManager::remove_event API to new style using ESource and
ECalComponent instead of uuid
Update GcalWindow uses of this API

8b37f4e... by erick2red on 2014-12-02

utils: build an uuid string

Use an ESource and ECalComponent to build an uuid string with the format specified