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eb5231b... by wsxy162 on 2017-10-25

Update zh_CN translation

32885d3... by Sveinn í Felli on 2017-08-23

Update Icelandic translation

f04c651... by Abdullahi Usman <email address hidden> on 2017-07-18

month-view: improve dates calculation for RTL languages.

Month view used to calculate the event's start date and end date from
the physical layout of the month and compare it with the event's
original start date and end date to see if there is a change and then
update as necessary by either slanted start or end, when either is/are
not equal to the one in the original start and end dates.

However, the way in which the start date and end date in RTL language are
calculated must be different since the layering of the days in the weeks
are opposite. Month view uses precalculated days number to mirror the
last week, which already chop off the days_delay number from cell_idx value.
In RTL, this cause issues such that the days are calculated wrongly and a
slanted start or end is visible. Because the date is not the same as the
original events date, month view thinks that the view needs an update and
so tries to update the view wrongly.

We can fix this by using the cell_idx value to calculate the days and then
substracting the days_delay value after that.

bfad58f... by Matej Urbančič on 2017-07-28

Updated Slovenian translation

9f4bc90... by Abdullahi Usman <email address hidden> on 2017-07-10

week-grid : seperate week's events overlaps.

The week view can display mutilple events that can partly or fully span
same time ranges.

But week view fails to make correct assumption about the width of events when
two or more events span some time ranges in which these events also span some
time ranges with other events, and whereby the number of these other events
that they span time ranges with does not coincide with the number of the events
that the other event also span. Week view ended up calculating cells that
appears horizontally jointed up. Also int16_compare() does not dereference the
pointer from g_ptr_array_sort() correctly and that makes it sort events
incorrectly and hence making events appears vertically jointed up.

If an event have other events in which they span some time, we calcuate its width
by taking into consideration of all the events that the other event may span
time with. The event that has the higher number of time spans is considered.
We also save and retrieve our positions using UINT_TO_POINTER and POINTER_TO_UINT()
respectively, and then dereference the pointer from g_ptr_array_sort() correctly.

b06145a... by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto on 2017-06-09

Bump 3.24.3 release

4e0081a... by Milan Crha <email address hidden> on 2017-05-25

window: connect search view when manager is set

a91c3f9... by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto on 2017-05-24

week-header: fix drawing stray lines when managing events

bf33b53... by Abdullahi Usman <email address hidden> on 2017-05-24

month-view: add margin to overflow layout

The overflow layout sit at the bottom of a cell to display "Other X events"
when there is no room to accomodate more.

The issue is that the overflow layout does not have margin property like
other views(layouts) in the cell, so instead it appears either too far from or
too close to the border depending on the text it accomodates.

We can fix this by setting the margin property.

1b84459... by Mohammed Sadiq <email address hidden> on 2017-05-23

gcal-event: fix several memory leaks