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Recent revisions

121. By Ted Gould

Mergeing in the distro changes outside the branch.

120. By Ted Gould

Merging in the changes that came from people doing things outside of the Bazaar branch

119. By Ted Gould

Merging in the mactel changes. See mactel changelog entries

118. By Ted Gould

Merging in the mactel changes

117. By Ted Gould

Changing version numbers

116. By Ted Gould

Adding install taht got lost somehow

115. By Ted Gould

Removing 02_cast_align.patch as it only hides the problem and
doesn't fix it as well as 25_sparc_char_to_int.patch

114. By Ted Gould

Removing 13_bugreport_bin_sh.patch as it conflicts with the Debian
added 07-bugreport-shebang.patch patch.

113. By Ted Gould

* Merging with Debian tree.
* Switch to quilt to manage patches; build-depend on quilt.
* 02_cast_align.patch: new patch. Use memcpy instead of casting
  pointers with incompatible alignments. Closes: #510011.
* 70_relibtoolize.patch: re-run the autotools on top of the source to
  avoid the rpath issue.
* Pass -O1 -z defs --as-needed to the linker.
* New upstream release
* debian/patches/02-ups-invalid-free.patch
  - Removed, fixed upstream
* debian/patches/03-system-policy.patch
  - Updated
* debian/patches/04-graph-labels.patch
  - Removed, fixed upstream
* debian/patches/05_translation_crash.patch
  - Removed, fixed upstream
* debian/patches/06-bugreport-debian.patch
  - Updated
* debian/patches/08-desktop-bugreport-path.patch
  - Updated
* Rewrite description. Closes: #388109.
* 06-bugreport-debian.patch: make gnome-power-bugreport.sh output the
  correct Debian release.
* 07-bugreport-shebang.patch: add a shebang to it.
* debian/script: this is a bug script that executes g-p-bugreport.
* Install the script to the correct place and make it executable.
* Rename gnome-power-cmd.sh to gnome-power-cmd.
* Move gnome-power-bugreport.sh to /usr/share/gnome-power-manager.
* 08-desktop-bugreport-path.patch: make bug-buddy use this new
* Standards version is 3.8.0.
* 05_translation_crash.patch: patch from upstream (SVN r2798 and
  r2799). Fixes crashes when some translations exceed 100 characters.
  Closes: #495945.
* 04-graph-labels.patch: fix graph labels (upstream: 528092).
* Wrap build-depends and depends.
* Depend on dbus-x11 so that the session is dbus-enabled.

112. By Ted Gould

Removing 26_check_for_active_session.patch as it should no longer be
required with the upstream changes.

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