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14e9e1e... by Abhishek Kekane on 2019-03-13

Data remains in staging area if 'file' store is not enabled

When operator has not enabled 'file' store and using other stores like ceph,
swift etc. the uploading to staging area works as we explicitly
build 'file' store during this operation, while cleaning up we directly
use 'glance_store.delete_from_backend' which only works if 'file'
store is enabled.

Modified '_DeleteFromFS' task and _unstage call which will use os
module to unlink the file present in staging area explicitly to
delete the data from staging area.


NOTE: async_ module was not available in queens so renamed
the module name to async.

Closes-Bug: #1803498
Change-Id: If0b3b0af9300301291758c67267890e0959ebb3c
(cherry picked from commit c92724608512d42b56152d199cc0fea049e4d4a7)

36e8be5... by Brian Rosmaita on 2018-12-20

Update show_multiple_locations deprecation note

Update logged text to indicate our intentions with respect
to the show_multiple_locations configuration option, which
has been deprecated since Newton and advertised as subject
to removal in Pike. Also correct the misleading impression
in the deprecation notice and earlier release notes that
functionality that requires show_multiple_locations = True
can be configured via policies at the current time. Also
adds a release note to this effect.

Not a straight cherry-pick. Changed the section of the
relase note from 'upgrade' to 'issues' because this is more
of a "known issue" in the stable branches.

Change-Id: I5bf0c8af9dfe87e0d17f7a16d4676f387b4379f6
Closes-bug: #1808375
(cherry picked from commit de72ac4a01be1ccc75825eb941dad64c170d6bea)
(cherry picked from commit d2bb38d58bac9c22c2a8f27739720db43f3af290)

a0f8375... by Andreas Jaeger on 2018-09-21

Use new devstack-plugin-ceph job

Use new devstack-plugin-ceph jobs instead of legacy ones,
these are now in the devstack-plugin-ceph repo.

(partial backport of I6baeff0ed652cfad88f93c66d49bcb6f98df7e97)

Change-Id: I8d659a32f7fbdb8205ca59f4b0f1eec0ec12cd5f
(cherry picked from commit afc0ceb1a2585d08f479fbb533ab4e9a0a7935fb)

f6a7a64... by Zuul <email address hidden> on 2018-09-21

Merge "Remove use of broken bandit from tests" into stable/queens

b78f591... by Nguyen Hai on 2018-08-20

import zuul job settings from project-config

This is a mechanically generated patch to complete step 1 of moving
the zuul job settings out of project-config and into each project

Because there will be a separate patch on each branch, the branch
specifiers for branch-specific jobs have been removed.

Because this patch is generated by a script, there may be some
cosmetic changes to the layout of the YAML file(s) as the contents are

See the python3-first goal document for details:

* This patch also fix pep8 failure.

Change-Id: Ic3756f31805ad451c01db4a12a5d4c4b83846cc3
Story: #2002586
Task: #24297

10c4785... by iain MacDonnell on 2018-08-30

Remove use of broken bandit from tests

Change-Id: I309eca79255f86b62a564171171f02262007530c

f676961... by Erno Kuvaja on 2018-03-28

Prevent taskflow creation in impossible import

This change prevents taskflow creation during image import in cases
we know for sure that the image activation won't be successful.

The change follows the Glance principles of failing early and tries
to provide as meaningful error messages to the end user as possible.

Co-authored-by: Abhishek Kekane <email address hidden>
Closes-bug: 1758943
Change-Id: Iaee2781d07f4c0afd4f886f0b30b523bd47f1058
(cherry picked from commit 0376185fb34a8cba3d8d705e579e08cddfb9316d)

a9c560e... by Zuul <email address hidden> on 2018-06-05

Merge "image-guide: Update cirros image" into stable/queens

01a76a0... by Pranali Deore <email address hidden> on 2017-12-19

Cleaning image data when image signature verification fails

While creating an image, image data stays in backend if image
signature verification fails.

After raising SignatureVerificationError exception, image status is
being set to 'killed' in DB but the image data remains as it is in
the backend.

Adding delete_from_backend() call to cleanup the data from backend when
Singature Verification fails.

Closes-Bug: #1736336
Change-Id: I2a1a7addd33050cc8845aec24479aa4d1bc26ca0
(cherry picked from commit 7c3a9c83da0b673b293131db74f6ca35613a1815)

42fe71f... by Zuul <email address hidden> on 2018-04-12

Merge "Releasenotes for 16.0.1" into stable/queens