Code review comment for lp:~gl-az/percona-server/bug1273465-5.5

George Ormond Lorch III (gl-az) wrote :

Laurynas, I did start with branches fresh out of the script but it apparently failed. I did not catch this until after I made the 5.5 MP and tried to merge the changes forward to 5.6. I left it at that yesterday to pick up on today. I now look back at my terminal session and see:

> server bug1273465
==> mkdir bug1273465
==> bzr branch lp:percona-server/5.6 bug1273465/5.6
Branched 537 revisions.
==> bzr branch lp:percona-server/5.5 bug1273465/5.5
Branched 620 revisions.
Getting the oldest unmerged mainline revision for lp:percona-server/5.5
Using revision 608
Updating bug1273465/5.5 to the last fully merged mainline revision
==> cd bug1273465/5.5
==> bzr pull -q --overwrite -rbefore:608 .
bzr: ERROR: Moving the root directory is not supported at this time

I'll look into this some today.

Yes Laurynas, most of these issues exist upstream as well.

Alexey, I agree, changing source code comments and minor spelling errors IMHO should not be a rational reason to be excluded from a distro. I was asked to do the work under the pretense that it has been vetted and deemed necessary. Please advise otherwise on the JIRA task.

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