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18. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab :
* Too much to put there. See disk-manager changelog...

changes in ntfs-config :
* A bunch of new translation thanks to a bunch of cool guys
* Adapt for new python-fstab

17. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab :
* FstabTest, FstabHandlerTest : begin work on unittest
* Fstab, DiskInfo : avoid the use of regular expression when
* Fstab : don't use LABEL in fstab if there is multiple device
with the same label
* Mounter : finish string improvement
changes in ntfs-config :
* avoid the use of re when possible

16. By Florent Mertens

  changes in python-fstab :
  * Fstab :
  - rename safe to escape_special, and add more specials charachters
  that we need to escape before using them in commands
  - Add an clean_all_path & make_all_path methods
  - Add an option to list_created_path to clean it
  * FstabDialogs :
  - change dials behaviour (see String fix).
  - tweak size request of error_dial_message
  * FstabHandler :
  - Use new Fstab method to clean, create paths
  * FstabUtility : in get_used_file, use grep -F and escape
  specail characher from path
  * Mounter : use xml.sax.saxutils to escape markup char in label.
  We don't need anymore to use the "can't show" string.
  changes in all :
  * String fix :
  - warning_dial question_dial & error_dial_message now use
  a single string instead of 2 for the core message. This make
  stuff more localizable. Thank to Abel Cheung for the advice.
  - Some more " :" -> ":" fix
  - Use GB, MO... as default size in size_renderer.
  and translate it. Thanks to Nicholas WASTELL for the advice
  changes in ntfs-config :
  * AddWizard : use xml.sax.saxutils to escape markup char in label.
  * NtfsConfig : use xml.sax.saxutils to escape markup char in label.

15. By Florent Mertens

In last commit, forgot python-fstab changes. Here are they :
In python-fstab :
* Move config.py to Fstabconfig.py to avoid conflict with
config.py from apps
* DiskInfo : don't require UUID. blkid don't give it for ntfs
and old system (udev < 60) rely on it
* ToolsBackend : add compatibility with old dmsetup
* Fstab :
- refactor make_path. No fundamental change
- in mount & umount : show cmd on debug, escape special
character from path in the cmd.
- in list_created_path : return an empty list when file is empty
- refactor clean_path & check_path to work better together
* FstabData : use umask=0222 for ntfs
* EventHandler :
- refactor the way we inhibit watch before internal_change so
we don't need lock anymore
- update time between 2 watch to 0.5 to be less CPU hungry
- wait that emit_thread end before exiting emit
* FstabHandler : refactor the way we create/delete path to make
it more simple and reliable (but also less faster) : we check
now on _apply that all path in fstab are created, and delete
all path created here that are not in fstab. Delete also
path on umount when not in fstab, and on failled mount when
not in fstab
* FstabUtility : Use commands module for lsof & dmseg. This is a try
to fix a strange bug, which might be a subprocess bug, that
i encounter in debian sarge (python 2.4.1). Process wouldn't
exit even if lsof ended.
* Mounter : don't use threading to update guy, but use the
traditionnal method. This fix compatibility with pygtk < 2.10
which leaded to a deadlock. Use common tweaks to make sure that
the guy is update regulary.

14. By Florent Mertens

* configure.in : set blkid & dmsetup path. Decrease intltool
requirement. Improve python requirement.
* ntfs-config-root : detect desktop to make sure that we
use gksu on gnome, and kdesu on kde. Store user XAUTHORITY key
to use it in open_url.
* DiskManager :
- Create hal fdi directory on startup if it don't exist
- Use idle_add to update main instead of gtk.gdk.thread* fcts
- Apply gtk events while hidding main gui on shutdown
- when expended, resize gui depending of the number
of ntfs device.
* Utility : In open_url :
- Use gnome-open on gnome for both http & file
- Update http & file browser : add dolphin, rox, epiphany,
mozilla, remove sensible-browser
- Use USER, XAUTHORITY, HOME from real user
- Revert modified env key after launching the browser

13. By Florent Mertens

Fake merge between branch1.0 and trunk

12. By Florent Mertens

* Update sk translation thanks to Jozef Riha
* NtfsConfig : shutdown FstabHandler on quit
From disk-manager :
* All : fix a lot of strings thanks to Nicholas WASTELL
* AddWizard : don't allow stuff like ***/media/***
* Fstab : be paranoic in __setitem__ since copy.copy could
  do weaird stuff and cause race.
* Fstab : raise an error in __getitem__ and remove, when type
  is not supported
* Mounter : don't show mount point with &.
  when unmounting and there is no used files, retry 3 times
* AddWizard : set default ntfs driver during init
* Fstab/Fstab : fix bug : default driver wasn't et correctly
* Mounter : decrease time betwwen mount/unmount, and
  retry after 1s after a first fail unmount

11. By Florent Mertens

From disk-manager :
  * FstabHandler, EventHandler : to replace the DiskManager watch
  that didn't worked any more since the introduction of FstabHandler,
  we have know a complete event notifier infrastructure.
  EventHandler integrate a watch that look for fstab, mtab
  and size update, and an event notifier that application
  can connect to via a simple connect() method. Look at the
  connect doc of FstabHandler for more informations.
  * FstabDialogs : Try to set size more cleverly.
  * Fstab : ignore comment on minimal mode
  * FstabHandler, FstabUtility : move check_duplicate and
  check_unknow to Utility and update check_duplicate : we know
  delete exact duplicate, but ask user on duplicate device.
  * On all : For consitancy, use umount and not unmount on
Changes here :
  * Ntfsconfig : make use of events notifications

10. By Florent Mertens

From disk-manager :
  * Fix headers
  * Fstab/DiskInfo : complete documentation
  * Fstab/DiskInfo : Close /proc/partitions after getting devices
  * Fstab/DiskInfo : if no backend, try to import the default one
  * Fstab/Fstab : fix list_created_path didn't delete path with
    space from the list of created path
  * Fstab/FstabHandler : also look at FSTAB for changes,
  reduce time between tw check to 1s, update FSTAB and MTAB mtime
  when we know that we change it
  * DiskManager : decrease time between 2 change lookup to 1s
  * Update TODO (add inotify support)

9. By Florent Mertens

* Fstab/DiskInfo Fstab/ToolsBackend : several improvements to
  make it more extensible :
  - sepearate get_devices to get_device_info, which can
    be both surclass by backends
  - create get_common_device_info for info that we need and
    that shouldn't be the jobs of backends.
  - get drivers from get_(FS_TYPE)_drivers and store them
  * NtfsConfig : update for last change
  * Fstab/FstabHandler/DiskManager : Fix regression. Since now
  all devices are stored in FstabHandler, we should update it
  on MTAB change, and no more DiskManager. Introduce a
  temporary notify_event, which is set to True when there is
  a changement. But i'd like to see if there isn't more elegant
  solution to send event.

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