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108. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab :
* FstabHandler :
- refactor _build_fstab to be able to build from an fstab oject
- fix _build_object & _rebuild_object
* EventHandler : use _build_object on mtab update detected

107. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab :
* EventHandler : fix external_fstab_changed to use _rebuild_object
instead of _create_object
* Fstab :
- use list of options in addopt & removeopt
- in addopt, don't add a coma when their where no value before
- add setopt method that initialize FSTAB_OPTION to the options
provided in argument
* FstabHandler :
- _own_copy -> _copy
- add set_previous_mode that set mode to previous one.
- fix _copy to make sure that we create copy of each entry

106. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab :
* Fstab :
small check_path refactoring to improve check of duplicate
device. This require to give the entry we want to edit, and
not only the device.
* FstabUtility : don't try to improve dmesg output, it didn't
really do a great job, and since now we propose action for
common mount failure, we can give it brut.
* Mounte : Fix localization of some string.
* FstabHandler :
- _create_object -> _build_object
- new method _rebuild_object, that rebuld the object from
a new fstab. Difference with _build_object is that global
entry are keep and not recreated.
- use _rebuild_object in undo and revert_to
- refactor _own_copy & restore_copy to not lost global change

changes in disk-manager :
* Dialogs : in EditDialog :
- changing driver wasn't revert on cancel.
We now use 'virtual' mode to fix that.

105. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab:
* Fstab : change method name has_option -> hasopt to follow
other option related method names
* FstabUtility : in change_tracker :
- more work in the duplicate device management.
options and type changes should be handle correctlty now
- improve log description
* FstabHandler :
- remove duplicate when we unconfigure unmounted entry
- don't move duplicate from disabled to to_umount since now
change_tracker should handle that correctly
* Mounter :
- check that we have the bad option before proposing to remove it
- check that we don't have the force option before proposing to add it
- usual gui tweak : make transition more smooth

changes in disk-manager :
* Utility : in open_url :
- also set LOGNAME to user, so firefox can find remote session
* Dialog : in history_dialog :
- in the commit view, use bold for title. More easy than i would
expect. The all TextViewTag framework is a bit scary at first

104. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab :
* Fix some documentation
* Mounter : parse last dmesg log only if needed
* Fstab : fix addopt & removeopt to really allow multiple options

103. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab :
* Fstab :
- Set FSTAB_TYPE to FS_TYPE if FS_DRIVER is empty
- add new method defaultopt() that return the default optionfor the entry
- add an option in the umount methode, to use the lazy option
- In search methode, set default key to only "FSTAB_PATH" and
remove not really usefull list option. This was intended first
to track last not duplicate safe code. It is also more logic.
* FstabHandler :
- add a new method, get_duplicate that return duplicate entry of
the device or None of device is use only one time
- add simple_apply method which intend to replace
MntFile apply method for an FstabHandler object
* FstabUtility :
- fix last not duplicate safe code in change_tracker
* FstabDialogs :
- Improve DialogBuilder
- replace dialog fct by a single one which take in first
parameter the type of the dialog you want
* Mounter :
- refactor error handling to be able to do actions to
fix the problem. For now, we handle those actions :
+ Propose the lazy option on umount buzy
+ Propose to remove bad option or revert them to default
on Unknow option detected
+ Propose to use default FSTYPE driver on type unknow
+ Propose to use the force option on NTFS unclean with ntfs-3g

change in disk-manager :
* AddWizard : fix last not duplicate safe code

102. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab :
* Fstab :
- umount mount point and not dev to support duplicate
- refactor check_path to make it a little faster.
- refactot device_is_mounted, to return the list of
path, device is mounted to.
* FstabHandler :
- A lot of works done to support duplicate entry :
- replace _link_fstab by _create_object that add new device
to an fstab object. That make dynamic recreation of
FstabHandler object more reliable in case of duplicate entry.
- use it in _restore_copy, undo and revert_to
- remove duplicate when they are unmounted and no more in fstab
- fix get_changes_* to really to what it should do
- reapply change if global *or* local change are not fully apply - emit new "internal_change_cancel" event when mount or umount fail
- emit new "internal_change_cancel" event when mount or umount fail
* EventHandler :
- use _create_object on fstab extarnal change
- add event "on_internal_change_cancel" to desinhibit watch
when finaly there is no internal change to apply
* FstabUtility :
- refactor change_tracker to support duplicate entry.
- change check_duplicate to only check duplicate path
since now we support duplicate device
* Mounter :
- big refacoring to make it more flexible and support duplicate.
- begin separation of the GTK part. Still need some works.
This will not be done for 1.0 anyway.
- change api to a more sane on -> (mount = , umount =)
- don't suppot remount. If you want to remount a partition,
you should add it to umount explicitly.
This was needed for duplicate entry.
* FstabDialog :
- create dialog with a modular DialogBuilder dialog, that
can create dialog with a treeview or a textview and/or a
check buttons area, depending of the data you give him.
This make creation of new dialog with a simple 3 line fct
- while i was on it, i changed the way we set the size to
depend on the font.

change in disk-manager :
* DiskManager :
Make it support duplicate device
* Dialogs/HistoryDialog :
Show changes between selected versionn and current one
in main window, and when asking if we apply or not

101. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab :
* FstabTest, FstabHandlerTest : begin work on unittest
* Fstab, DiskInfo : avoid the use of regular expression when
* Fstab : don't use LABEL in fstab if there is multiple device
with the same label
* Mounter : finish string improvement
changes in disk-manager :
* avoid the use of regular expression when possible

100. By Florent Mertens

changes in python-fstab :
* Fstab :
- rename safe to escape_special, and add more specials charachters
that we need to escape before using them in commands
- Add an clean_all_path & make_all_path methods
- Add an option to list_created_path to clean it
* FstabDialogs :
- change dials behaviour (see String fix).
- tweak size request of error_dial_message
* FstabHandler :
- Use new Fstab method to clean, create paths
* FstabUtility : in get_used_file, use grep -F and escape
specail characher from path
* Mounter : use xml.sax.saxutils to escape markup char in label.
We don't need anymore to use the "can't show" string.
changes in all :
* String fix :
- warning_dial question_dial & error_dial_message now use
a single string instead of 2 for the core message. This make
stuff more localizable. Thank to Abel Cheung for the advice.
- Some more " :" -> ":" fix
- Use GB, MO... as default size in size_renderer.
and translate it. Thanks to Nicholas WASTELL for the advice
changes in the disk-manager :
* AddWizard : use xml.sax.saxutils to escape markup char in label.
* Dialogs : use xml.sax.saxutils to escape markup char in label.
* DiskManager :
- use xml.sax.saxutils to escape markup char in label.
- on ntfs-toggle, don't update all the guy, but only the
ntfs button. I'm still not really with that, but better than

99. By Florent Mertens

* DiskManager : update main after ntfs toggle

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