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0838e1c... by Alberto Garcia

2.4.11-3 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

e50ac7d... by Alberto Garcia

Fix FTBFS with GCC 6

Gbp-Pq: fix-ftbfs-gcc6.patch.

de703e5... by Alberto Garcia

Fix FTBFS in m68k

Gbp-Pq: fix-ftbfs-m68k.patch.

a2dcc3e... by Alberto Garcia

Disable JIT on x86 CPUs without SSE2

Gbp-Pq: disable-jit-nonsse2.patch.

81fa3c2... by Alberto Garcia

Fix FTBFS in x32

Gbp-Pq: x32_support.patch.

651e804... by Alberto Garcia

Fix FTBFS in armhf

Gbp-Pq: ftbfs-armhf.patch.

1c7ff79... by Alberto Garcia

Add support for switching tabs with alt+scroll

Gbp-Pq: 02_notebook_scroll.patch.

1a733ea... by Alberto Garcia

Restore removed SPARC code

Gbp-Pq: restore_sparc_code.patch.

ba626cf... by Alberto Garcia

Some architectures need to add -latomic explicitly

Gbp-Pq: atomic_build_fix.patch.

9ac61e5... by Alberto Garcia

Install the MiniBrowser binary

Gbp-Pq: install-minibrowser.patch.