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02adec9... by Philipp Huebner

1.0.57-1 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

7ba8ada... by Philipp Huebner

fix tracebacks with unsupported fencing device

Gbp-Pq: bz837045.patch.

6c9797b... by Philipp Huebner

Update the cluster schema for missing fence_ipmilan attributes

Gbp-Pq: bz824451.patch.

4e5f748... by Philipp Huebner

don't remove __independent_subtree from services

Gbp-Pq: bz741292.patch.

08af935... by Philipp Huebner

fix for Cisco UCS Fence Agent

Gbp-Pq: bz808498.patch.

0f7e4d1... by Philipp Huebner

add ability to create oracle resources

Gbp-Pq: bz532761-2.patch.

445c12b... by Philipp Huebner

add ability to create oracle resources

Gbp-Pq: bz532761.patch.

e11a473... by Philipp Huebner

write and validate correct attribute for mysql resource

Gbp-Pq: bz719658.patch.

50c7665... by Philipp Huebner

Add auto-generated schema documentation

Gbp-Pq: schema-docs.diff.

693a2fc... by Philipp Huebner

Fix fence_brocade group

Gbp-Pq: bz642521.patch.