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270a941... by Lucas Kanashiro

Update changelog

1412c1e... by Lucas Kanashiro

Remove conf files of plugins removed from libcharon-extra-plugins

These plugins were removed in version 5.8.0-2, and after upgrading to a
greater version an user might get confused since the conf files are
there but the plugins are not installed.

b181fe6... by Lucas Kanashiro

Re-enable eap-{dynamic,peap} libcharon plugins (LP: #1878887)

eap-dynamic might be quite useful for users because it allows clients to
select an alternative EAP method if the one selected by the server
initially is not supported.

eap-peap is still widely used by users because it is what most of the
clients implements. It is often used in combination with EAP-MSCHAPv2 to
authenticate e.g. WiFi clients (the TLS connection in EAP-PEAP protects
the potentially weak password authentication in EAP-MSCHAPv2). For
instance, using the same protocol for VPN clients allows reusing the
existing AAA infrastructure (AD/RADIUS server).

f0fa9d1... by Lucas Kanashiro


98256df... by Lucas Kanashiro


b1db401... by Lucas Kanashiro


d625ee2... by Lucas Kanashiro

    - d/control: Transition from strongswan-tnc-* being in extra packages
      to libcharon-extra-plugins (drop after 20.04)

0b84799... by Lucas Kanashiro

    - d/control: Transition from former Ubuntu only libcharon-standard-plugins
      to common libcharon-extauth-plugins (drop after 20.04)

7e4a897... by Lucas Kanashiro

  * Dropped:
    - d/control: build-depend on libiptc-dev to avoid FTBFS (LP: #1861975)
      This is needed due to changes in regard to Debian bug 947176 and 939243
      and can later be dropped again.
      [applied by Debian in version 5.8.2-2]

7a43cdc... by Lucas Kanashiro

    - re-add post-quantum encryption algorithm (NTRU) (LP: #1863749)
      + d/control: mention plugins in package description
      + d/rules: enable ntru at build time
      + d/libstrongswan-extra-plugins.install: ship config and shared objects