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3030e09... by Andreas Hasenack


640f492... by Andreas Hasenack


9b7cff7... by Andreas Hasenack


17b2066... by Andreas Hasenack


0acabf9... by Andreas Hasenack

  * Dropped:
    - SECURITY UPDATE: Incorrectly Accepted Untrusted Public Key With
      Incorrect Refcount
      + debian/patches/CVE-2023-26463.patch: fix authentication bypass and
        expired pointer dereference in src/libtls/tls_server.c.
      + CVE-2023-26463
      [Fixed upstream]

5fb4f4d... by Andreas Hasenack

    - d/usr.sbin.swanctl: allow "m" flag for /usr/sbin/swanctl
      (LP: #1999935)

72f48c6... by Andreas Hasenack

    - d/t/{control,host-to-host,utils}: new host-to-host test
      (LP: #1999525)

aee7526... by Andreas Hasenack

    - Remove conf files of plugins removed from libcharon-extra-plugins
      + The conf file of the following plugins were removed: eap-aka-3gpp2,
        eap-sim-file, eap-sim-pcsc, eap-sim, eap-simaka-pseudonym,
        eap-simaka-reauth, eap-simaka-sql, xauth-noauth.
      + Created d/libcharon-extra-plugins.maintscript to handle the removals

e87a75e... by Andreas Hasenack

    - Re-enable eap-{dynamic,peap} libcharon plugins (LP #1878887)
      + d/control: update libcharon-extra-plugins description.
      + d/libcharon-extra-plugins.install: install .so and conf files.
      + d/rules: add plugins to the configuration arguments.

7a49036... by Andreas Hasenack

    - re-add post-quantum encryption algorithm (NTRU) (LP #1863749)
      + d/control: mention plugins in package description
      + d/rules: enable ntru at build time
      + d/libstrongswan-extra-plugins.install: ship config and shared objects