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043800b... by Marc Deslauriers

5.6.2-1ubuntu2.8 (patches applied)

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7f365c2... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] eap-authenticator: Enforce failure if MSK generation fails

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2021-45079.patch.

e2525b8... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] cert-cache: Prevent crash due to integer overflow/sign change

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2021-41991.patch.

c667aab... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] Reject RSASSA-PSS params with negative salt length

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2021-41990.patch.

f843e69... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] charon-nm: Fix building list of DNS/MDNS servers with libnm

Gbp-Pq: lp-1772705-charon-nm-Fix-building-list-of-DNS-MDNS-servers-with.patch.

5408cb0... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] gmp: Fix buffer overflow with very small RSA keys

Gbp-Pq: strongswan-4.4.0-5.7.0_gmp-pkcs1-overflow.patch.

a1ef0f3... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] stroke: Ensure a minimum message length

Gbp-Pq: strongswan-5.1.2-5.6.2_stroke_msg_len.patch.

03dee62... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] ikev2: Initialize variable in case set_key() or

Gbp-Pq: strongswan-5.5.0-5.6.2_skeyseed_init.patch.

1fd6e40... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] gmp: Don't parse PKCS1 v1.5 RSA signatures to verify them

Gbp-Pq: strongswan-5.6.1-5.6.3_gmp-pkcs1-verify.patch.

0a28f6a... by Marc Deslauriers


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: dont-load-kernel-libipsec-plugin-by-default.patch.