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26d2467... by Colin Ian King

0.09.25-1ubuntu9 (patches applied)

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6a85b81... by Colin Ian King

[PATCH] stress-hdd: ensure offset is aligned to 512 byte boundary

Gbp-Pq: 0019-stress-hdd-ensure-offset-is-aligned-to-512-byte-boun.patch.

c00cd3b... by Colin Ian King

[PATCH] Fix --timer-slack correctly, fetch argument and set it

Gbp-Pq: 0018-Fix-timer-slack-correctly-fetch-argument-and-set-it.patch.

a38873e... by Colin Ian King

[PATCH] Ensure --aggressive mode terminates early (LP: #1858858)

Gbp-Pq: 0017-Ensure-aggressive-mode-terminates-early-LP-1858858.patch.

ecfeb6e... by Colin Ian King

[PATCH] core-mwc: fix mwc8() being reset when using mwc1()

Gbp-Pq: 0016-core-mwc-fix-mwc8-being-reset-when-using-mwc1.patch.

2f5c57a... by Colin Ian King

[PATCH] stress-af-alg: handle bind() ETIMEDOUT failures

Gbp-Pq: 0015-stress-af-alg-handle-bind-ETIMEDOUT-failures.patch.

534c6a7... by Colin Ian King

[PATCH] stress-mcontend: ensure mmap'd file is sync'd with zero data

Gbp-Pq: 0014-stress-mcontend-ensure-mmap-d-file-is-sync-d-with-ze.patch.

dd12d49... by Colin Ian King

[PATCH] stress-rmap: don't make fallocate failures a rmap test

Gbp-Pq: 0013-stress-rmap-don-t-make-fallocate-failures-a-rmap-tes.patch.

6e53763... by Colin Ian King

[PATCH] stress-mmap: be less noisy on mmap failures and fix directory

Gbp-Pq: 0012-stress-mmap-be-less-noisy-on-mmap-failures-and-fix-d.patch.

14b71f6... by Colin Ian King

[PATCH] stress-numa: fix calculation of max nodes (LP: #1803468)

Gbp-Pq: 0011-stress-numa-fix-calculation-of-max-nodes-LP-1803468.patch.