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2743f06... by Andreas Beckmann

8.17.2-1 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

2aa0cff... by Andreas Beckmann

Log mi_stop flag at debug level when closing socket

Gbp-Pq: log-stop-at-debug-level.patch.

7b64703... by Andreas Beckmann

fix typos

Gbp-Pq: typos.patch.

25e603a... by Andreas Beckmann

adjust some paths in the documentation according to fhs-compliant choices in Debian

Gbp-Pq: fhs.patch.

3fe9bd2... by Andreas Beckmann

fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign

Gbp-Pq: hyphenation.patch.

6e420e2... by Andreas Beckmann

support building a shared libmilter

Gbp-Pq: shared_libmilter.patch.

f6bbf21... by Andreas Beckmann

make the static libraries installable via the sendmail build system

Gbp-Pq: install_static_libs.patch.

db5799f... by Andreas Beckmann

systemd-like socket activation support for libmilter

Gbp-Pq: socket_activation.patch.

1625964... by Andreas Beckmann

move newaliases to man section 8

Gbp-Pq: manpage-section.patch.

f9c2420... by Andreas Beckmann

fix building for HURD

Gbp-Pq: hurd.patch.