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00c9cff... by Timo Jyrinki

5.4.2-1ubuntu6 (patches applied)

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3a7ee08... by Timo Jyrinki

[PATCH] Fix memory leak when QQuickPixmapReply::Event is delete

Gbp-Pq: Fix-memory-leak-when-QQuickPixmapReply-Event-is-dele.patch.

5d03811... by Timo Jyrinki

[PATCH] Fix memory leak when using async image providers

Gbp-Pq: Fix-memory-leak-when-using-async-image-providers.patch.

c56c457... by Timo Jyrinki

[PATCH] Don't change the currentItem after a viewport resize

Gbp-Pq: Don-t-change-the-currentItem-after-a-viewport-resize.patch.

97686fb... by Timo Jyrinki

[PATCH] Fix implicitHeight for Text items bindings dependent on

Gbp-Pq: Fix-implicitHeight-for-Text-items-bindings-dependent.patch.

b24ec27... by Timo Jyrinki

[PATCH] Add QQuickAsyncImageProvider

Gbp-Pq: Add-QQuickAsyncImageProvider.patch.

51c60ff... by Timo Jyrinki

[PATCH] Make sure we stop animators if they are yet to be started.

Gbp-Pq: Make-sure-we-stop-animators-if-they-are-yet-to-be-st.patch.

f3ad25d... by Timo Jyrinki

[PATCH] High-dpi SVG and QQuickImageProvider Images

Gbp-Pq: High-dpi-SVG-and-QQuickImageProvider-Images.patch.

9c37d9d... by Timo Jyrinki

detect and use the system's libdouble-conversion

Gbp-Pq: check_system_double-conversion.patch.

496df56... by Timo Jyrinki

Add optional JIT unit cache

Gbp-Pq: QML-Compilation-unit-caching-and-JIT-changes.patch.