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f59d263... by Stefano Rivera

0.3.4-2 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

86b2148... by Stefano Rivera

ansible_mitogen: Fix --ask-become-pass, add test coverage

Gbp-Pq: ask-become-pass.

ae320bd... by Stefano Rivera

Ansible 2.14 support

Gbp-Pq: ansible-2.14.

42927ed... by Stefano Rivera

Use subprocess instead of subprocess32

Gbp-Pq: no-subprocess32.

4df563c... by Stefano Rivera

Fix: filedescriptor out of range in select()

Gbp-Pq: poll-poller.

930e69a... by Stefano Rivera

Skip two_three_compat_test, requires python2.7

Gbp-Pq: skip-python2.7-test.

e85f060... by Stefano Rivera

Skip Django tests

Gbp-Pq: skip-django-tests.

c0b575a... by Stefano Rivera

Skip tests that fail for unknown reasons

Gbp-Pq: skip-failing-tests.

49d8860... by Stefano Rivera

tests: Skip test_broken_linux_fallback on ppc64el, where it fails.

Gbp-Pq: skip-ppc64el-test_broken_linux_fallback.

8997b89... by Stefano Rivera

tests: Use the "python3" interpreter

Gbp-Pq: python3.