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ad0edc4... by Dmitry Shachnev

0.20.1+dfsg-3 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

d7f5574... by Dmitry Shachnev

Enable tbl preprocessor for manpages that contain tables

Gbp-Pq: tbl-preprocessor.diff.

ce907fc... by Dmitry Shachnev

Support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in date directive and "Generated on" line

Gbp-Pq: source-date-epoch.diff.

6c06d75... by Dmitry Shachnev

manpage writer: Use ``.EE`` and ``.EX`` macros for literal blocks

Gbp-Pq: manpage-literal-blocks.diff.

ab7567c... by Dmitry Shachnev

make the help message not depend on runtime encoding

Gbp-Pq: static-help-message.diff.

9d51afa... by Dmitry Shachnev

Use the "roman" module from python-roman instead of the local copy.

Gbp-Pq: no-local-roman.diff.

ea0a5cf... by Dmitry Shachnev

Allow all data files to be moved to /usr/share/docutils/.

Gbp-Pq: move-data-to-usr-share.diff.

f7bbf64... by Dmitry Shachnev

Don't copy test suite output to a log.

Gbp-Pq: testall-no-stdout-stderr-redirect.diff.

27e03e5... by Dmitry Shachnev

change paths in documentation to match Debian's

Gbp-Pq: doc-debian-paths.diff.

aa7f5cc... by Dmitry Shachnev

0.20.1+dfsg-3 (patches unapplied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.