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85579c3... by Julian Andres Klode

1:1.3.4-2.5ubuntu6 (patches applied)

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5e3993e... by Julian Andres Klode

Allow compilation to succeed with -fno-common

Gbp-Pq: Allow-compilation-to-succeed-with-fno-common.patch.

9e88930... by Julian Andres Klode

statd: take user-id from /var/lib/nfs/sm

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2019-3689.patch.

012ee78... by Julian Andres Klode

Build nfs-server-generator without --with-systemd flag

Gbp-Pq: fix-start-ordering-3.patch.

736030b... by Julian Andres Klode

[PATCH] systemd: improve ordering between nfs-server and various

Gbp-Pq: fix-start-ordering-2.patch.

22a19af... by Julian Andres Klode

[PATCH] Move export_d_read() to support/export/export.c

Gbp-Pq: fix-start-ordering-1.patch.

7775899... by Julian Andres Klode

nfsiostat: replace 'list' reserved word

Gbp-Pq: nfsiostat-replace-list-reserved-word.patch.

12584e0... by Julian Andres Klode

[PATCH] rpc.gssd: fix typo checking "__NR_setresuid32" instead of

Gbp-Pq: truncate_uid_2.patch.

5537340... by Julian Andres Klode

[PATCH] rpc.gssd: truncates 32-bit UIDs/GIDs to 16 bits

Gbp-Pq: truncate_uid.patch.

e0532a3... by Julian Andres Klode

gssd: Duplicate the upcall string for error messages

Gbp-Pq: 0011-gssd-Duplicate-the-upcall-string-for-error-messages.patch.