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6737459... by Steve Langasek

0.9.3-0ubuntu3 (patches applied)

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e6f98a6... by Steve Langasek

[PATCH] tpm2: Check size of TPM2B_NAME buffer before reading 2 bytes

Gbp-Pq: tpm2-Check-size-of-TPM2B_NAME.patch.

bacbd7b... by Steve Langasek

[PATCH] tpm2: Check size of buffer before accessing it (CVE-2023-1017

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2023-1017_1018.patch.

7e3606a... by Steve Langasek

[PATCH] tpm2: Check return code of BN_div()

Gbp-Pq: lp-1948748-tpm2-Check-return-code-of-BN_div.patch.

c3bdee9... by Steve Langasek

Do not run check-local due to bug in ppc64 gcc on Jammy

Gbp-Pq: no_local_check.patch.

386a711... by Steve Langasek

Do not inline MakeIV due toppc64 compiler issue

Gbp-Pq: do_not_inline_makeiv.patch.

2c5675f... by Steve Langasek

[PATCH] tpm2: Address Coverity Issue by casting '1' before shift (CID

Gbp-Pq: lp-1948748-tpm2-Address-Coverity-Issue-by-casting-1-before-shif.patch.

f453967... by Steve Langasek

Fix FTBFS caused by the incomplete condition.

Gbp-Pq: 0004-fix-ftbfs-bug.patch.

e6361f8... by Steve Langasek

Set the date of man pages to the last changelog entry.

Gbp-Pq: 0003-set-man-page-date-to-last-changelog.patch.

4cc942b... by Steve Langasek

Fix a long line error and typos in man pages.

Gbp-Pq: 0002-fix-man-page-longline-typo.patch.