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3a4316e... by Christian Ehrhardt 

17.05.2-0ubuntu1 (patches applied)

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813b10f... by Christian Ehrhardt 

[PATCH 2/2] net/thunderx: manage PCI device mapping for SQS VFs

Gbp-Pq: bug-1716666-net-thunderx-manage-PCI-device-mapping-for-SQS-VFs.patch.

d14b35d... by Christian Ehrhardt 

[PATCH 1/2] eal/pci: introduce a PCI driver flag

Gbp-Pq: bug-1716666-eal-pci-introduce-a-PCI-driver-flag.patch.

9ace9d3... by Christian Ehrhardt 

mk: set -ISCDIR before -IRTE_OUT/include in CFLAGS

Gbp-Pq: mk-order-CFLAGS-so-that-ISCDIR-comes-before-IRTE_OUT.patch.

6088b87... by Christian Ehrhardt 

mk: sort object files when building deps lists

Gbp-Pq: mk-sort-object-files-when-building-deps-lists.patch.

95a935e... by Christian Ehrhardt 

mk: sort source files before passing them to the compiler

Gbp-Pq: mk-sort-source-files-before-passing-them-to-the-comp.patch.

d88d226... by Christian Ehrhardt 

mk: sort headers before wildcard inclusion

Gbp-Pq: mk-sort-headers-before-wildcard-inclusion.patch.

de4cec6... by Christian Ehrhardt 

mk: sort list of files in examples.dox

Gbp-Pq: mk-sort-list-of-files-in-examples.dox.patch.

aceb9d7... by Christian Ehrhardt 

mk: sort list of shared objects in linker script

Gbp-Pq: mk-sort-list-of-shared-objects-in-linker-script.patch.

ccf1c2a... by Christian Ehrhardt 

mk: fix excluding .doctrees when installing docs

Gbp-Pq: mk-fix-excluding-.doctrees-when-installing-docs.patch.