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1e39ecf... by Diane Trout

2021.01.0+ds.1-2 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

af35e36... by Diane Trout

On Debian Test runners the ivp6 loop back interface is

Gbp-Pq: fall-back-to-ipv6-localhost.patch.

59d3574... by Diane Trout

I was manually slisting tests that needed to be but that

Gbp-Pq: mark-tests-require-installation.patch.

2cb5078... by Diane Trout

Point to local favicon.ico file instead of referencing

Gbp-Pq: use-local-favicon.patch.

de2f5e3... by Diane Trout

Support pytest-asyncio >= 0.14

Gbp-Pq: pytest-asyncio-0.14.patch.

08df9c9... by Diane Trout

youtube-nocookie is a little more privacy friendly than regular

Gbp-Pq: use-youtube-nocookie.patch.

8fa5a46... by Diane Trout

Use the inventory files from other documentation packages.

Gbp-Pq: use-local-intersphinx-inventory.patch.

9d7afac... by Diane Trout

Patch image links to use local copies

Gbp-Pq: docs-use-local-images.patch.

61e7a3e... by Diane Trout

Use the Debian version for the software version.

Gbp-Pq: reproducible-version.patch.

f6a1561... by Diane Trout


Gbp-Pq: override-worker-test.patch.