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ef1d4d2... by dann frazier

13-2ubuntu1 (patches applied)

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e7e995d... by dann frazier

[PATCH 3/3] initramfs: Drop comment about code not working within

Gbp-Pq: initramfs-Drop-comment-about-code-not-working-within.patch.

0804281... by dann frazier

[PATCH 2/3] initramfs: Make network configuration on-demand

Gbp-Pq: initramfs-Make-network-configuration-on-demand.patch.

9895e00... by dann frazier

[PATCH 1/3] Avoid 'head' usage in scripts that may run in initramfs

Gbp-Pq: Avoid-head-usage-in-scripts-that-may-run-in-initramf.patch.

8595593... by dann frazier

[PATCH 2/4] initramfs: Wait for interface to appear instead of

Gbp-Pq: initramfs-Wait-for-interface-to-appear-instead-of-ch.patch.

6ad2533... by dann frazier

[PATCH] initramfs: Warn if it's not clear which nic to configure

Gbp-Pq: initramfs-Warn-if-it-s-not-clear-which-nic-to-config.patch.

3b7076c... by dann frazier

[PATCH] initramfs - fix iface name (#210)

Gbp-Pq: initramfs-fix-iface-name-210.patch.

8e49817... by dann frazier

Change to user for unprivileged operations

Gbp-Pq: debian.set-unprivileged-user.patch.

38d18fd... by dann frazier

Embed more programs in the initramfs/initrd

Gbp-Pq: upstream.embed-more-programs-in-initram.patch.

36c3bf9... by dann frazier

Embed TPM modules in initramfs

Gbp-Pq: upstream.embed-tpm-modules-in-initramfs.patch.