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4d209f4... by Steve Langasek

9.6.7-3build1 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

2e2b0bb... by Steve Langasek

Bug in database locking code causes concurrency problems and job failures (patch attached)

Gbp-Pq: debian/fix-mysql-racecondition.

5970291... by Steve Langasek

Fix libexec path in man-pages

Gbp-Pq: debian/fix-usr_libexec_paths.

1c25818... by Steve Langasek

Make build non-silent

Gbp-Pq: debian/non-silent-build.

b01e007... by Steve Langasek

Fix some lintian and validator warnings in FreeDesktop files

Gbp-Pq: debian/fix-desktop-in-files.

ab854d1... by Steve Langasek

Fix Lintian error about the interpreter path

Gbp-Pq: debian/use-debian-path-for-interpreter.

14aa500... by Steve Langasek

Unhide the compiler output so the build log scanner works

Gbp-Pq: debian/make-buildoutput-verbose.

ce8ebae... by Steve Langasek

change binary source path after compilation

Gbp-Pq: debian/fix-qmake-binary-source-path.

06d9ffb... by Steve Langasek

Use Type=exec for systemd-240+

Gbp-Pq: debian/customize-systemd-240-units.

6bc3b62... by Steve Langasek

Adapt upstream systemd units to Debian packaging

Gbp-Pq: debian/customize-systemd-units.