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ad59b14... by Marc Deslauriers

2.4.29-1ubuntu4.27 (patches applied)

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b3f1df5... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] Merge r1908116 from trunk:

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2023-25690-2.patch.

3e6e574... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] Merge r1908095 from trunk:

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2023-25690-1.patch.

77bc8d9... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] Merge r1906539 from trunk:

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2022-37436.patch.

306afa8... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] Merge r1906540 from trunk:

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2022-36760.patch.

d6e3ff6... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] Merge r1906487 from trunk:

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2006-20001.patch.

495b93a... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] Merge r1901461 from trunk via #320:

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2022-31813.patch.

04e250e... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] use filters consistently

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2022-30556.patch.

4e4a7a4... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] Merge r1901506 from trunk:

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2022-30522.patch.

a5d98a8... by Marc Deslauriers

[PATCH] Merge r1901496 from trunk:

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2022-29404.patch.