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52565e8... by Andreas Hasenack

0.9.1-1ubuntu2 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

ccc01d8... by Andreas Hasenack

[PATCH] man: Fix typos and use consistent upper case for some

Gbp-Pq: doc-fix-typos-and-consistency.patch.

45b6b66... by Andreas Hasenack

[PATCH] doc: avoid gnu-make specific usage of $<

Gbp-Pq: fix-html-doc-generation.patch.

f0e3737... by Andreas Hasenack

[PATCH] Add delattr option

Gbp-Pq: add-delattr-option.patch.

f6234af... by Andreas Hasenack

[PATCH] Add setattr option

Gbp-Pq: add-setattr-option.patch.

62bf88e... by Andreas Hasenack

[PATCH] entry: add passwd-user sub-command

Gbp-Pq: add-passwd-user-sub-command.patch.

d11aa1a... by Andreas Hasenack

[PATCH] adcli_entry: add entry_attrs with userAccountControl

Gbp-Pq: add-entry_attrs-with-uac-attribute.patch.

574a707... by Andreas Hasenack

[PATCH] library: move UAC flags to a more common header file

Gbp-Pq: move-uac-defines.patch.

bcfdd89... by Andreas Hasenack

[PATCH] Fix for dont-expire-password option and join

Gbp-Pq: fix-for-dont-expire-password-and-join.patch.

71494f7... by Andreas Hasenack

[PATCH] Add dont-expire-password option

Gbp-Pq: add-dont-expire-password-option.patch.