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0eb70f9... by Robie Basak

Revert " run snapcraft with sudo"

This is fixed upstream now with snapcraft 7.5.2 so we can remove this
workaround. See:

This reverts commit fe21a9f5c6c65a9a63b526d60c8e7207de92adb1.

d4e6f1a... by Robie Basak

Update .readthedocs.yaml

RTD now has additional requirements that must be specified.

Thanks to Lloyd Blythen for the update.

7089685... by Robie Basak

Add changelog date override for dhcpcd

I have also added this to the spec.

4fd07c8... by Robie Basak

sandbox/gu-build: remove duplication of CLI args

These now exist in, so we can call that function
instead. That API isn't stable, but Steve prefers that to this code
duplication in his review in the MP, and I don't have a strong opinion.

2b27577... by Robie Basak

sandbox/gu-build: update for API changes

prepare-upload's internal API has changed, so update gu-build to match.

475682b... by Robie Basak

prepare_upload: rename printargs to establish_args

Now that the Python printargs method doesn't actually print the
arguments, it's a misnomer and establish_args is better. "Establish"
because it has side-effects (possible fetch, push, force-push) before
the args are known to be correct.

952dd02... by Robie Basak

prepare-upload: fix docstrings

4feceea... by Robie Basak

prepare-upload: allow arguments either side

5b75701... by Robie Basak

prepare-upload: add --force-push

Add a --force-push command to pass on as --force to "git push", so that
if an uploader has amended their branch locally, they can push that rich
history directly with prepare-upload.

Since we now fetch first, we can detect when a force push would be
required, and fail with a friendly error message if this is the case and
--force-push was not specified.

LP: #2015488

66c2e7c... by Robie Basak

Rewrite prepare-upload to fetch before push

This is a major refactoring/rewrite of the prepare-upload code. So much
changed that it didn't seem worth breaking it down. It's probably easier
to review afresh.

Functionally, what has changed is that we now fetch from the remote
using its default configured refspecs first, assuming that this will
update the remote tracking branch following normal conventions. Then we
can determine if the remote branch already contains our rich history or
not. We then only push if it does not.

In the code, this involved considerable refactoring. There is now a
Parameters namedtuple that carries the various facts around, and the
determination of these facts are moved into a classmethod constructor.
Various common steps between the "args" and "mangle" operations are
broken out.

Tests are updated and added accordingly.

LP: #1999177