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969c54c... by Robie Basak

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d1858ec... by Robie Basak

Merge remote-tracking branch 'athos-ribeiro/leaking-perl-with-wrappers'

94d3a81... by Athos Ribeiro

Check if perl dependent commands are runnable

These binaries used to load dependencies from the host. This could
result in broken binaries. This test ensure these commands are runnable.

To do so, this patch refactors the test_*_runnable integration tests
into a single, parametrized, test_command_runnable test.

8463c44... by Sergio Durigan Junior

Add ruby-net-ssh to the whitelist

Signed-off-by: Sergio Durigan Junior <email address hidden>

887bdb8... by Sergio Durigan Junior

Add pgloader to the whitelist

Signed-off-by: Sergio Durigan Junior <email address hidden>

f891a98... by Athos Ribeiro

Test dpkg tooling confinement

a13372f... by Athos Ribeiro

Do not rely on host perl stack

git-ubuntu currently relies on some of the host perl modules for some
commands. For instance, running `git ubuntu merge start` triggers
dpkg-parsechangelog, which is executed with a shebang pointing to the
host system's perl binary. Moreover, importing DPKG forces it to fetch
the module from the host. This makes the current git-ubuntu snap, which
is based on 20.04 core, incompatible with jammy.

7c21b82... by Robie Basak

Fix git-ubuntu.merge-changelogs name typo

b117bb2... by Robie Basak

Change repository owner to ~git-ubuntu-import

I'm making this change in order to separate the ownership/management of
the repositories from the development of git-ubuntu itself. This should
help prevent accidental pushes to the official import repositories,
since only the importer should normally be doing that.

Most of the code changes are for documentation or example scripts not in

In gitubuntu/, we change the default, and also the magic
handling difference that if the official destination is used then the
local refs used are all prefixed ("namespaced") with "importer/". This
is the one place that might affect production behaviour, so I'm changing
it to be on the safe side. This change means a flag day to land into the
importer service, but this seems easier than removing or parameterising
the magic.

In gitubuntu/, we change the default destination and
understanding that this magic team name corresponds to the "pkg" remote.

A grep through the source found no other usd-import-team references
except the list email address and the use of the team for the hosting of
git-ubuntu itself, which aren't relevant to changing the repository


c06eb0f... by Robie Basak

prepare-upload: add mangle feature

prepare-upload is changed to provide two subcommands. "args" does what we
did previously. "mangle" pushes like "args" but then mangles an existing
changelog file to add the headers as required.