Code review comment for lp:~gilir/zeitgeist-datasources/debian

Siegfried Gevatter (rainct) wrote :

Thank you for working on this. A couple comments:

a) I don't like uploading any new CDBS packages. According to it seems like dh7 should work too.

b) This is failing to build on my system (Debian unstable):
make[4]: Entering directory `/home/rainct/Desenvolupament/Packaging_Debian/zeitgeist-datasources/build-area/zeitgeist-datasources-0.1.0~bzr20110307/firefox-libzg/extension/components'
ln -s "`/usr/bin/pkg-config --variable includedir zeitgeist-1.0`/zeitgeist-1.0/zeitgeist.h" zeitgeist-library.h
/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9.1/bin/xpidl -m header -I /usr/share/idl/xulrunner-1.9.1 -o zeitgeist zeitgeist.idl
./zeitgeist.idl:25: can't open included file nsISupports.idl for reading

input callback returned failure
make[4]: *** [zeitgeist.h] Error 2

review: Needs Fixing

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