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Olivier Tilloy (osomon) wrote :

I’m not seeing any formFactor property defined on UserAgent02, so I doubt the onFormFactorChanged handler in UbuntuWebContext.qml would work.

Note that I’m currently working on a branch that removes the 'formFactor' property from the Ubuntu.Web plugin’s context object¹, so it’s kind of ironical that you’re adding it back in another branch. I really don’t think the default user agent (and corresponding overrides) should be tied to the "form factor" (whatever that means in a world of convergence). How does mir determine whether a device is a phone or a desktop, or a tablet? Is that a solid API that we are going to support and publicize?

Even if that was a sensible thing to do, we most probably don’t want to get a mobile UX on a tablet. Well, at least not a 10" tablet. On a 7" tablet maybe. See where the screenDiagonal property comes from?

As a side note, the dependency on Qt5Gui_PRIVATE is not very welcome, given that we’ve been steadily working towards entirely removing the dependencies on private Qt packages (ask Mirv about it).


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