Created by Nathan Osman on 2013-04-16 and last modified on 2013-04-16


Builds the latest stable version of LESS for current Ubuntu releases.

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[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (15.5 KiB) Zesty PPA for rahmadani
[FAILEDTOBUILD] less.js - 1.3.3-0~201703250111~ubuntu17.04.1 buildlog (17.4 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (8.1 KiB) Vivid PPA for rahmadani
[FULLYBUILT] less.js - 1.3.3-0~201703250111~ubuntu15.04.1 buildlog (11.8 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (9.9 KiB) Xenial PPA for rahmadani
[FAILEDTOBUILD] less.js - 1.3.3-0~201703250111~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (11.3 KiB) amd64
[FAILEDTOBUILD] Failed to build buildlog (9.7 KiB) Precise PPA for rahmadani
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (10.6 KiB) Trusty PPA for rahmadani
[FULLYBUILT] less.js - 1.3.3-0~201703250111~ubuntu14.04.1 buildlog (14.2 KiB) i386

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# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version {debupstream}-0~{time}
nest less-debian lp:~george-edison55/less/debian debian