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2d636de... by Kerenoc

Models : update some maximum values for numbers

b05559a... by Kerenoc

MainWindow : change urls for documentation and error reports

135115a... by Kerenoc

Documentation : change references to the wiki and forum on gcstar.org

a5818a5... by Kerenoc

Widgets : change pictureHeigth to height and itemsPerRow to cols for Images widget

Fixes issue https://gitlab.com/GCstar/GCstar/-/issues/231

3efa37a... by Kerenoc

Models : fix XSD and validation of models

0cddcff... by Kerenoc

Changelog : add fixes and evolutions

3db037e... by Kerenoc

Plugins Themoviedb : add explicit dependency to JSON package

Fixes issue https://gitlab.com/GCstar/GCstar/-/issues/230

c4a71dd... by Kerenoc

Plugin Books NooSFere : remove unbreakable space in volume field

430487f... by Kerenoc

BackendXML : remove warning

8cbcc75... by Kerenoc

Models Films Amazon : prevent some warnings