Code review comment for lp:~gary-wzl77/ubuntu-weather-app/fix_1518888

Gary.Wang (gary-wzl77) wrote :

OKay, after taking a closer look, basically it's a bug of the scope, not weather app. I hardcoded the location name("London") for each item in scope. That's why it always jumps to the detected location(London) during your testing.

After the following change was made in scope, it should be working well.
- std::string openUri = "weather://?display=hourly&city=London&lat=" + lat + "&lng=" + lng;
+std::string openUri = "weather://?display=hourly&city=" + loc + "&lat=" + lat + "&lng=" + lng;

I attached the latest scope. Could you please have a check again?

Sorry for the noise.
Thanks. :)

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