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Gary.Wang (gary-wzl77) wrote :

Sorry for the late reply(Just got back from vacation).

Basically, regarding the issue you have that
" It always jumps to my 2nd non-location detected location."
I guess you got the problem by checking the location from scope that app has recorded in db.
Indeed, i can reproduce it and fixed it in the latest commit.

Could you describe the expected scenarios here? For example
- if you click on a location and you already have the location, I assume it would jump to it?
A: Yes
- if you click on a location and you don't already have the location, I assume it will add a section - but will this be temporary? or remain in the saved list?
A:It will add a new location and save it in the location list and navigate to hourlyView to show the location's weather info.

I record a video to show how it works under the scenarios you mentioned above.

    App only records my current location(Chengdu)

1. Click 'London' in scope to add a new location(Belvedere) in weather app(scenario 2)
2. Click 'Berlin' in scope to add a new location(Mitte) in weather app(scenario 2)
3. Click 'London' again from scope to jump to respective location(Belvedere) in weather app (scenario 1)
4. Click 'Roma' from scope to add a new location(Trevi) in weather app (scenario 2)

1.if weather information is not able to be fetched via lat&lng due to api limits, the expected result is "Just open the app and stays at hourly view"
2.During my testing, new feature works fine with two providers(open weather map/the weather channel). In general, as long as backend APIs support to retrieve weather info via latitude and longitude, there would be no problem to add new provider in the future.

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