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Andrew Hayzen (ahayzen) wrote :

I've installed the scope and this branch on my device.

I've noticed a few functional issues to discuss first:
1) When I open via the scope, it causes all of the views (swiping across) to change to have the hourly view already shown, is this a design decision or an issue? (I wasn't expecting *all* the locations to change to hourly view, maybe only the location I had clicked in the scope)
2) I know you said there were API limitations, but I have not yet been able to select one of the locations in the scopes and then receive the respective location in the app. It always jumps to my 2nd non-location detected location.

Could you describe the expected scenarios here? For example
- if you click on a location and you already have the location, I assume it would jump to it?
- if you click on a location and you don't already have the location, I assume it will add a section - but will this be temporary? or remain in the saved list?

Also are you expecting this to work with both OpenWeatherMap and TheWeatherChannel.

If you want to discuss any of these issues with me, feel free to ping me (ahayzen) on IRC. I'm around in London daytime.

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