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Michael Vogt (mvo) wrote :

I'm sorry but I just noticed one more thing and therefore have one more question:

The functions test_unity_launcher_integration_{disabled,displayed_app,no_exec_in_desktop_file} all set self.expected_launcher_info. For the case where we expect that nothing is send to the launcher this can be skipped I think (or is there anything I'm missing why we would want to set it in this case?). For the case where its added to the launcher ("displayed_app") AFAICT there is no call to self._check_send_application_to_launcher_args() so we don't need to set it (or we should call self._check_send_application_to_launcher_args()). Given that the expected_launcher_info got tested earlier it looks to me like simply skipping the "self.expected_launcher_info" for those three testcases. Does that make sense?

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