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Michael Vogt (mvo) wrote :

Thanks, this looks good now, thanks for the update on this. I will approve it and land it so that it can get merged for the unity SRU that is expected shortly.

One more question though, in "test_unity_launcher_integration_list_view" the code reads:
        # test the automatic add to launcher enabled functionality when
        # installing an app form the list view
        available_pane.add_to_launcher_enabled = True
        test_pkgname = "lincity-ng"
        # for testing, we substitute a fake version of UnityLauncher's
        # send_application_to_launcher method that lets us check for the
        # correct values and also avoids firing the actual dbus signal
        # to the unity launcher service
        available_pane.add_to_launcher_enabled = True
        test_pkgname = "software-center"
I assume this is a copy/paste oversight and the first 4 lines can be deleted?

I pushed a lp:~mvo/software-center/launcher-integration-unit-tests with this (and some other tweaks)
and will do a seperate MP for that.

review: Approve

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