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Michael Vogt (mvo) wrote :

Thanks, this looks good and its good that the tests are working with the new functionality and extended to cover the additional testcases.

Some suggestions for refactor:

* _navigate_to_appdetails_and_install and _install_from_list_view look pretty similar at the end, the common code should probably go into a single function to avoid duplication

* pyflakes has some comments that needs adressing before this can land

* I don't think that _fake_send_application_to_launcher_and_check is actually called in test_unity_launcher_integration_disabled, test_unity_launcher_integration_details_view or test_unity_launcher_integration_list_view. I added a invalid line in it ("xxx") and a print
and none of this appears to be executed. Please have a look at this, I suspect you just need
to use patch.object() here as the available_pane is already created when the function runs.

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