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2995cd6... by Adam Bieńkowski <email address hidden> on 2018-09-10

Implement org.gnome.SessionManager.EndSessionManager (#314)

... and forward DBus calls to the session indicator of wingpanel

d38aed6... by Rico Tzschichholz on 2018-09-10

Silence a few valac warnings regarding error-handling of DBus methods

4ce4b83... by Julian Raschke on 2018-09-10

Adjust y position of wallpapers during workspace transition (#327)

678e361... by David Hewitt <email address hidden> on 2018-09-10

Don't remove workspaces for sticky windows (#331)

15f722a... by Corentin Noël on 2018-07-29

Render shadows using Gtk (#250)

* Render shadows using Gtk

* Do only apply shadow on fullscreen/maximized windows

* Add per-workspace style-class

* update shadow values

* Disconnect signals

9502677... by Joseph Mccullar on 2018-07-15

PiP: Fix wrong size close button on HiDPI (#294)

Don't resize the button returned by create_close_button ().

6bdc718... by Adam Bieńkowski <email address hidden> on 2018-07-10

multitaskingview: Fix adding last workspace animation (#281)

Fixes a weird animation when moving an app from one workspace
to the last one caused by initially not positioned new workspace
clone that's being added.
This is actually an easy fix that just tells that update_position
should not animate the position of the workspace when a workspace
is added.

953c7ad... by Joseph Mccullar on 2018-07-10

windowlistener: Don't bail out of window_maximized_changed (#288)

The unmaximized_state_geometry is being reset when a window is
unmaximized. This causes the tile animation to break when it
follows a maximize/unmaximize because the old information is
being used.

8e142b9... by Daniel Fore on 2018-06-27

Update POT and PO files

985baa0... by Corentin Noël on 2018-06-07

Ensure that the correct workspaces are removed (#269)